How to Question Kanji and Zenzou in Chapter 2 of Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir

Published on May 22nd, 2021 by Grant L.

The Famicom Detective Club games use a similar menu system as the original games they’re based on. This method of gameplay may take some getting used to. In general, examining everything and talking to everyone you can about all possible topics will get you through the game just fine, but there are some spots where a bit of non-obvious “creative” thinking is necessary to progress.

One such time occurs early in Chapter 2 of Missing Heir, when you’re questioning Kanji in the living room of the Ayashiro Mansion. Examining everything and exhausting all dialogue options will seemingly lead to a halt in progression after the conversation comes to the subject of Kanji’s son Akira. The butler Zenzou appears to want to tell you something, but won’t. No apparent option remains to get him to talk. However, there is a simple way to get past this impasse and keep the story moving.

Chapter 2 of Missing Heir
Zenzou seems like he has something to say.

How to Advance the Story in Chapter 2 of The Missing Heir

  1. Use the “Talk” option with Zenzou and select the “About Akira” topic.
  2. Use the “Examine” option and choose “Zenzou”.
  3. A “Travel” option will appear in the Detective Command Menu. Select this and choose “Kiku’s bedroom”.

You’ll now be able to talk to Zenzou about Akira and advance further with your meeting with Kanji.

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