How To Reconnect To Nintendo DS WiFi

Published on May 31st, 2017 by Sammi

May 20th, 2014, a grim day fellow DS, DSi and Wii players have faced. The shutdown of Nintendo WFC. Without it, we could not play our favorite games online such as Mario Kart Wii and Pokemon Battle Revolution. Today, we rejoice! For Lord Arceus itself has graced us with Wiimmfi and WFCReplay, which allows us to replay and relive online functions on our Wii, DS and DSi systems! How can this be? In this guide, I shall teach you how to reconnect to your favorite DS and Wii titles and bring back the good old days within the gaming realm of 2017.

DS Functionality (WFCReplay)

Now, I know what you all may be thinking; “How in Palkia’s name are we to reconnect with our favorite DS titles over Wifi? It involves an old classic called the “Action Replay”.

“Oh no! Not the Action Replay!  They want us to cheat!”

Not so. For you see, this guide will show how to reconnect to Wifi, such as Mario Kart DS, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and Pokemon Black and White!  To do this, you will need the following materials:

First, you’ll want to set up a DNS IP.  To do this, simply launch the wifi title you wish to reconnect to. In this example, we’ll use Pokemon Diamond. After the Title screen loads, go into the menu and scroll down to Nintendo WFC settings.  Once in here, you MUST delete the current Wifi settings saved in your DS Wifi settings.


Next, you will reenter your Wifi settings.  After this, you will scroll down in the settings of your Wifi Setting until you see “Auto Obtain DNS”. Select NO.  Then, in the Primary and Secondary DNS, type in this IP Adress:

This will allow you to connect to wifi once you insert the Action Replay.  Moving on, the Action Replay is a resource to input coding into a game.  For the purpose of this tutorial, we shall make a new code called “Wifi Bypass”.

Using the links provide at the top, you will download the AR software and the WFCReplay File to create the code to connect to WFC once more.  You can find the NDS file on Google.  After you have the necessary files, connect your AR to your PC/Desktop.

Open AR Code Manager.  It is recommended you make a new folder in AR Code Manager as well as on your Desktop.  In the Desktop Folder, place the NDS File as well as the WFCReplay files. Extract them with WinRAR inside the folder.  Once you have the .exe file of WFCReplay, drag the NDS file of your game onto the application.  Doing so, will grant you a special code that will need to be inserted into the AR.

Once you find the code, copy it.  Go back to AR code Manager and find the cheat list of the game (i.e. Pokemon Diamond) and drag it into your personal codelist.  Right click in the folder and select “add New Cheat”.  Name this code “Wifi Bypass” or whatever you want to.  Paste the code in the dialog box.  Remember to ALWAYS click “Commit Changes” after dragging your codelist into your AR.  After it saves, you may remove the AR from the Desktop, but ONLY after it says to remove it.

After you have done the above, boot your game, this time with the AR in the DS system along with the game of choice (Pokemon Diamond as an example once again)

After it loads and it registers your game, click the “Wifi Bypass” code you have made in your AR.  Press Start.  It will as you if you want to boot the game with the codes.  Select Yes, and it will update and start the game.  Now, let’s test this baby out!


(Example: Pokemon)

For Pokemon, Gen 4 and Gen 5 games, there is a place where Pokemon Trainers can trade Pokemon around the world.  The Global Trade Station, or GTS, can be accessed once you have input the code and set up the DNS settings within your Pokemon game.  Go to the GTS in your Pokemon game.

D/P/P’s GTS is located in Jublife City, HG/SS’s GTS is located in Goldenrod City, and B/W/B2/W2’s GTS is located in any Pokemon Center, top floor.  Select “GTS” if playing B/W/B2/W2.  Select “Yes” after it prompts you to save the game.  It will then ask to connect to WFC.

THIS SECTION IS IMPORTANT, because you MUST have your Action Replay AND Game Cartridge to connect with ANY DS titles’ Wifi.  Select “Yes”, and it should say “Logging in to Nintendo WFC”

And, PRESTO!  You should be on Nintendo WFC and are now able to use GTS and Free Battles on Pokemon Games!

Please note that some functions, such as Game Sync and Trainer Rankings, are either still under development of revival or completely not usable anymore. 

To check wifi status, please check out this site;

To check Gen 4/5 GTS trade offers;

To set up Pal Pad: Go in the Basement of a Pokemon Center and connect (D/P/P/HG/SS) or go to the top center lady in the Pokemon Center (B/W/B2/W2)

That’s it for Part 1 of reconnecting to WFC.  The next part will be about the Wii!  Be sure to tune into that article!  See y’all in the next one!

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