How To Remove Skills From Level Up in Void Terrarium

Published on July 26th, 2020 by Gervais D.

void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium gives more control to players so that they can remove skills when leveling up in dungeons. It can easily be missed or forgotten, so this tutorial will guide you on how to remove skills from dungeon draws in the game.

How To Remove Skills From Level Up in Void Terrarium

By now, you should notice that pressing A to remove a skill from the screen does nothing. This is because you need skill removal points. It might not be its proper name, but let’s call it that in this guide.

To get skills removed, you’ll need:

  • Blueprints for new craftable items.
  • Various types of resources (4 colors).

There are specific blueprints in dungeons that reward you with skill removal points, once crafted. Find these blueprints and use the acquired resources to craft them. It will score you a number of skill removal points that you can use. To craft these items, you must go to the home menu and press Item Craft. Use L/R to swap to the appropriate category and craft the furniture that rewards you with skill removal points.

The best area to grind for skill removal points is the Endless Ruins, which should contain all of the items from other dungeons. There’s a lot of floors and time isn’t a factor, making it one of the perfect areas to farm for blueprints.

After crafting the items and obtaining the skill removal points, open the home menu again by pressing X, followed by Skill Removal. You should now be able to choose the skills you’d like to remove from level-up pulls while dungeon crawling. Take note that you can only disable one skill per skill removal point. To disable more, you need to find more blueprints and craft them.

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