How To Swing On Yellow and Red Magic Rope Crystals in Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy

Published on January 26th, 2021 by Gervais D.

If you’ve been playing Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy for a while now, you’ll eventually notice that there are some areas you won’t be able to cross with Rope, even if you have the Emerald Band. This is because you need to upgrade the Emerald Band’s effect. This guide will show you how to get each version of the item’s effect so you can cross all of these gaps with blue, yellow, and red crystals.

By default, the Emerald Band lets you swing across gaps if there is a blue crystal above. There are also yellow and red crystals that wouldn’t work with the default Emerald Band.

How To Swing Across Gaps on the Yellow Crystals in Atelier Ryza 2

Crafting the Emerald Band with the Yellow Crystal Connection effect is quite easy. All you have to do is add the Emerald Glass material until you’ve maxed out all four of its slots. This will upgrade the Blue Crystal Connection effect to the Yellow Crystal Connection.

Press X to open the game’s menu and select Items. Under Adventure Tools, equip the newly crafted Emerald Band and you’ll now be able to swing across gaps that have yellow floating crystals from above.

How To Swing Across Gaps on the Red Crystals in Atelier Ryza 2

Acquiring the All Crystal Connection effect on the Emerald Band is different. It’s not as easy to get like the Yellow Crystal Connection effect. You will need the All Crystal Connection effect to use Magic Rope to swing on red floating crystals in the game.

How To Craft Emerald Band with All Crystal Connection Effect

You’ll first need to unlock Essence Refinement from the Multiplicauldron. The Multiplicauldron is an object you’ll have in your house after a specific part of the story campaign; its primary usage lets you duplicate items.

  1. From your primary cauldron, select Gem Reduction.
  2. Offer materials you do not need and get gems (you’ll also get bonus essences).
  3. Go back to the Multiplicauldron and select Essence Refinement.
  4. Get the Lightning Essence.
  5. Return to the Cauldron and open the synthesis menu.
  6. Choose the Emerald Band recipe.
  7. Press X and choose the Lightning Essence.
  8. Max out the 10 slots for Effect 1 with Emerald Glass
  9. Continue with crafting the Emerald Band.

When you’re done dumping in all of the ingredients and maxing out the 10 slots for Effect 1, craft the Emerald Band. You should now have the Emerald Band with All Crystal Connection. Equip it and return to the areas you couldn’t cross with Magic Rope before.

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