[Guide] How To Tame Monsters in Rune Factory 5

Published on March 22nd, 2022 by Gervais D.

Rune Factory 5 lets you tame monsters. This guide will teach you how to tame these monsters and the reasons why taming monsters can be useful in the game.

How To Tame Monsters in Rune Factory 5

How To Tame Monsters in Rune Factory 5
You can name monsters you have tamed.

Build A Monster Barn

Before you can tame a monster in the game, you have to build a Monster Barn. This can be done by going to Studio Palmo (located at the top-right corner of the map) and purchasing its construction.

You can build two Monster Barns on each Farm Dragon you have unlocked. It is also possible to upgrade these Barns by adding an extra room.

Hunt For The Monster

Now that you have a Monster Barn, you need to find some monsters that you want to tame. Find the monster and fight it. Weaken it so that its HP is on the verge of fully being depleted. You may want to skip bringing allies into battle because they will continue to attack the monster you want to tame.

When the monster’s HP is low, hold down the ZL button on your controller to charge up your skill and aim at the monster. Unleash the charged-up skill and hope for the best. Each shot will consume a decent number of RP, so carry some RP restoring food if you’re hunting for high-level monsters. Make sure the monsters are not higher than your level, otherwise you will be unable to tame them.

Benefits Of Taming Monsters

Taming monsters in this game isn’t just for show. They can support you in battle or you can assign chores for them. Before you can assign chores for them, you have to increase your friendship level with them by giving them gifts and brushing them daily with the Brush tool.

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