How To Transfer Nintendo 3DS SD Card Data

Published on April 25th, 2013 by Gervais D.

This tutorial will show you how to transfer data from a Nintendo 3DS SD card onto another SD card. The 3DS supports both SD and SDHC cards. Before you begin, make sure that you have another compatible SD or SDHC card, and a computer with a SD card slot or a memory card reader/writer.

Important :

  • Do not alter, move, or delete files in the Nintendo 3DS folder.
  • Do not overwrite any data on the same SD card.
  • Format the new SD card (if it contains data) before transferring 3DS data into it.

How To Transfer Nintendo 3DS SD Card Data To Another SD Card : 

Step 1 : Remove the SD card from the Nintendo 3DS if not done already. After, insert the SD card with the 3DS data into a computer’s SD card reader. If your computer does not have a built-in SD card reader, there are cheap memory card readers available at retail.

Step 2 : If you’re using a Windows machine, open Windows Explorer. If you are using a Mac, open Finder. After, access the SD card.

Step 3 : Copy the data from the SD card (eg. Nintendo 3DS, Music, DCIM folders) and drag it to the computer’s desktop. Take note that it may take a while to transfer.

Nintendo 3DS Folders Highlighted in Windows 7
( Nintendo 3DS data highlighted in Windows 7 )

Step 4 : Safely eject the SD card once the transfer is complete.

Step 5 : Insert the second SD card into the SD card reader. Access this SD card using Windows Explorer (for PC users) or Finder (for Mac users).

Step 6 : Drag the data that you copied to the desktop from the first SD card, onto the new SD card.  Eject the SD card when you’re done and insert it into the Nintendo 3DS.

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