How To Unlock The IV Judge in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Published on November 23rd, 2019 by Gervais D.

The IV Judge tells you what stats are the best and the worst of a Pokemon. The best stats have 31 IVs while the worst have 0 IVs. This guide will help you unlock the IV Judge in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

How To Unlock The IV Judge in Pokemon Sword and Shield

After beating the game, go to the Battle Tower and climb until you reach Rank 3. Fight Leon in the final Rank 3 battle and defeat him. It should unlock the IV Judge.

Go to your PC in any Pokemon Center or from the menu: Pokemon -> R (to open the PC from anywhere in the world). Find the Pokemon you want to check IVs for and press the + button to view its stats. Press it again to view IVs as seen in the screenshot below.

Checking IVs in Pokemon Sword and Shield
Viewing the IVs of Throh.

Similar to the previous games, the wording can find the ranges of IVs:

  • Best = 31 IVs
  • Fantastic = 30 IVs
  • Very Good = 26-29 IVs
  • Pretty Good = 16-25 IVs
  • Decent = 1-15 IVs
  • No Good = 0 IVs

To find specific numbers, online battles will be required to obtain the full Pokemon stats and an IV calculator will be required to input the values to get the accurate IV number.

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