How To Use Singing Shards and Whispering Shards in The Legend of Legacy

Published on October 13th, 2015 by Gervais D.

Along your journey is The Legend of Legacy, you will come across singing shards and whispering shards. These shards can enable the user to use what we might call magic during gameplay. This guide teaches you how to use these shards in the game.

How To Use Singing Shards and Whispering Shards in The Legend of Legacy

First you must equip a party member with a singing shard. This party member must first use the singing shard before any skills from whispering shards are used, otherwise they will fail. The singing shards make a contract with the element, enabling anyone in your party to use skills from whispering shards. Be careful because enemies can steal your elemental contracts.

Equipping Items in The Legend of Legacy

List of Singing Shards and Whispering Shards :

Singing Shards :

Water Contract Singing Shard (blue)
Fire Contract Singing Shard (red)
Air Contract Singing Shard (green)

Whispering Shards :

Water :

Bubble Launcher – a giant bubble attack launched at the enemy.
Water Shield – a shield made from water to protect your party against fire and physical attacks.
Healing Hands – restore some of an ally’s HP and cures sleep.
Purify – cure an ally’s poison status.
Mystic Spray – hit an enemy with a flood of mist to lower their attack.
Hailstorm – all enemies get hit with ice.
Renew – cure an ally’s stat reduction.
Prismatic Ray – dazzle all enemies to lower their attack.
Rejuvenation – greatly restore an ally’s HP and cure all of their ailments and stat drops.
Permafrost – increases an ally’s resistance to status ailments.

Fire :

Flare – attacks an enemy with fire.
Fire Shield – a shield made from fire to protect against ice and physical attacks.
Enkindle – raises an ally’s attack stat.
Blastwave – attacks an enemy with fire.
Firebolt – attacks an enemy with a fire ball.
Hypnosis – puts an enemy to sleep with a flickering candle flame.
N/a –
Inferno – attacks all enemies with a series of explosions.
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Air :

Elven Shot – attacks an enemy with air.
Air Shield – a shield made from air to protect against ranged attacks.
Windsweep – stun enemies by sending wind to sweep their feet.
Headwind – lower all enemies’ attack stat.
Bee Stinger – poisons an enemy.
Bladestorm – slice all enemies with a blade of air.
Lullaby – induce all enemies in sleep.
Bluster – remove any wall effects on the battlefield (ally or enemy).
Cloud Armor – raises an ally’s defense.
N/a –
Winter’s Embrace – attack all enemies with snow with a chance of stunning.

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