Where To Take Pictures – Ikebukuro Free District Quest

Published on August 23rd, 2013 by Gervais D.

This tutorial teaches you how to complete the Ikebukuro Free District quest in Shin Megami Tensei IV. Basically, it’s a delivery quest. To complete the quest, you are required to take two photos at certain locations in Ikebukuro and deliver them. This guide shows you where.

First photo location is at ‘Ikebukuro – Sunshine Front’

Photo location: Really tall building.

After entering the Sunshine Front of Ikebukuro, you should see a car. Go directly towards the car and press the “A” button on the Nintendo 3DS. Doing so will allow you to climb the car and a message will be displayed asking if you want to take a picture.

Second photo location – ‘Ikebukuro Station – East Entrance’

Photo location: Train Station East Gate.

Go upstairs from the Ikebukuro’s underground district to the East Entrance of the Ikebukuro Station. Move forward in a straight line and eventually you will notice a warning symbol. Go towards it and a notice should appear with the text, “Check”. Press the “A” button.

Note: To get to Ikebukuro’s underground district, you must first pass the Sunshine Front of Ikebukuro. The last paragraph of this guide shows you how to get to Sunshine Front.

Where to deliver the two pictures for the Ikebukuro Free District quest?

After taking both pictures, you have to take them back to the client to complete the quest. Go to ‘Shinjuku Station – Underground’ (it’s possible to use a terminal to go there too). From the terminal icon, turn left, then turn right and move forward. Make a right-turn of exit. You should now be at ‘Shinjuku Station – West Entrance’. Move forward and turn left. You should notice a door. Enter and you will find the client. From there, you can deliver the two photos that you took in Ikebukuro to complete the quest.

Reward for completing the Ikebukuro Free District quest = 5000 Macca.

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