Jewel Match 3 Review

Published on December 2nd, 2013 by Eric Weichhart

Another way to play jewels games.

A port of the PC game is here, and promising 100 levels and different minigames, it sound like a deal, but is it?

You normally find 3 different boards in the same level.

The game is a match-three game, so the basic idea is swap the jewels on the board to create sets of three or more. Now, you need to do this to clear colored tiles or drop items. Those items are needed to complete the level, and in some case, to play the level itself.

Levels are long, in part because in a level you can find more than one board to complete, being with the time longer and longer levels.

You can also use different spells for make the level easier, and also, finish the level faster. The faster you finish the level, the more you win.

What you win? Well, the game have two different currencies. The main currency is the money you will need to build the castle you have, and the second currency is for the seed minigame, when you can make grow your seeds or just kills bugs.

It’s a nice addition, but sadly it isn’t optional.

The flowers you grow from yours seeds are needed to advance in the story, and also the main reason that the game will make you stop playing the jewel game.

Once you reach an objective, you will need to play a minigame, those can be a puzzle or a hidden objects level.

Well, in this big break, the hidden objects minigames is a little broken in terms of gameplay, because the objects are in the same place every time you need to play it, being a challenge only the first time you play it.

That means every time you need to play the level again for find a specific object, you will already know the place of the others ones.

With a good eye, the controls are okay. The jewel can be really small, and the hidden objects smaller, so tapping them can be a little difficult for some users. But if you have difficulty to see smalls objects, this isn’t your game.

First time? Find them! Second time? Remember them!

The first thing I saw once I started to play was the cinematic introduction, it had good looking and the voice acting was good.

Once you start to play, you won’t find more voices or cinematic animations, and the design of the story is boring.

The graphics of the game are nice, not the best but okay for a eShop game, more coming from a PC port.

The 3D effect is a little strong (use it around at 75%), the ghost effect is really minimum and it’s really nice, but will only distract you because you won’t be using that screen.

The soundtrack and the FX sounds is okay, but it’s too much generic. Anyways, they have good quality and it’s enjoyable some times.

Another of the minigames.

One big point I can make is the game needs more voice acting. It would make the story experience a lot better and less boring.

The presentation is okay, but it uses a strange formula trying to combine different genres in the same game. Also the story isn’t spectacular, it can be even boring.

The use of minigames breaks the match-three experience, unless you also like hidden objects games. It’s because you need to stop before you can be able to still playing the main game.

For last, the game isn’t explained at all, so sometimes you aren’t able to know what to do. At least the tutorial is well done, so you will learn to play very fast.

VERDICT: 60/100 (Okay)
This is a strange game for its formula, but it’s a nice addition for those who like this genre. I recommend you this game if you love jewel games, otherwise just skip it.

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