List Of Mega/Key Stones and Locations in Pokemon Sun/Moon

Published on April 2nd, 2017 by Gervais D.

Mega stones are now called Key stones in Pokemon Sun/Moon and they allow specific Pokemon to mega evolve during battle. The bad news is, not all are available in the games, however, it has been revealed that some will be distributed through events at later dates.

Pokemon mega evolutions using key stones

This is a list of mega/key stones available in Pokemon Sun/Moon and their locations.

List Of Mega Stones / Key Stones Available In Pokemon Sun/Moon

  • Charizardite X (Mega Charizard X) – Battle Tree
  • Charizardite Y (Mega Charizard Y) – Battle Tree
  • Venusaurite (Mega Venusaur) – Battle Tree
  • Blastoisinite (Mega Blastoise) – Battle Tree
  • Gengarite (Mega Gengar) – Battle Tree Shop
  • Scizorite (Mega Scizor) – Battle Tree Shop
  • Pinsirite (Mega Pinsir) – Battle Tree Shop
  • Aerodactylite (Meg Aerodactyl) – Battle Tree Shop
  • Lucarionite (Mega Lucario) – Battle Tree Shop
  • Kangaskhanite (Mega Kangaskhan) – Battle Tree Shop
  • Gyaradosite (Mega Gyarados) – Battle Tree Shop
  • Absolite (Mega Absol) – Battle Tree Shop
  • Alakazite (Meg Alakazam) – Ancient Poni Path and Battle Tree Shop
  • Garchompite (Mega Garchomp) – Battle Tree Shop
  • Sablenite (Mega Sableye) – Battle Tree Shop
  • Metagrossite (Mega Metagross) – Battle Tree Shop
  • Sharpedonite (Mega Sharpedo) – Battle Tree Shop
  • Slowbronite (Mega Slowbro) – Battle Tree Shop
  • Glalitite (Mega Glalie) – Battle Tree Shop
  • Salamencite (Mega Salamence) – Battle Tree Shop
  • Beedrilite (Mega Beedrill) – Mystery Gift 2017 International Challenge February
  • Mawilite (Mega Mawile) – Mystery Gift 2017 International Challenge February
  • Pidgeotite (Mega Pidgeot) – Mystery Gift Kanto X Alola Regional Rumble
  • Steelixite (Mega Steelix) – Mystery Gift Kanto X Alola Regional Rumble
  • Mewtwonite X (Mega Mewtwo X) – Mystery Gift code M2DESCENT
  • Mewtwonite Y (Mega Mewtwo Y) – Mystery Gift code M2DESCENT
  • Mega Rayquaza – Teach Rayquaza Dragon Ascent in Seafolk Village
  • Blue Orb (Primal Kyogre) – Hau’oli City Shop
  • Red Orb (Primal Groudon) – Hau’oli City Shop

List Of Mega Stones / Key Stones NOT Yet Available In Pokemon Sun/Moon

  • Sceptilite (Mega Sceptile)
  • Swampertite (Mega Swampert)
  • Blazikenite (Mega Blaziken)
  • Cameruptite (Mega Camerupt)
  • Altarianite (Mega Altaria)
  • Lopunnite (Mega Lopunny)
  • Galladite (Mega Gallade)
  • Audinite (Mega Audino)
  • Ampharosite (Mega Ampharos)
  • Heracronite (Mega Heracross)
  • Houndoominite (Mega Houndoom)
  • Tyranitarite (Mega Tyranitar)
  • Gardevoirite (Mega Gardevoir)
  • Aggronite (Mega Aggron)
  • Abomasite (Mega Abomasnow)
  • Medichamite (Mega Medicham)
  • Manecite (Mega Manectric)
  • Banettite (Mega Banette)
  • Absolite (Mega Absol)
  • Latiasite (Mega Latias)
  • Latiosite (Mega Latios)
  • Diancite (Mega Diancie)

List last updated: April 2nd, 2017.

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