The Legend of Legacy Announced for 3DS

Published on September 25th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

legend of legacy

FuRyu released a new trailer giving the debut to The Legend of Legacy, a game made in collaboration with V-Jump magazine, being a new JRPG title coming to the Nintendo 3DS in Japan this January 22nd for 5,908 yen (Around $54).

The story starts on a legendary island called Avalon where the player can select between seven characters for their party, being:

  • Meurs the Elementaler
  • Bianca the Amnesiac girl
  • Liber the Treasure hunter
  • Garnet the Church’s knight of justice
  • Owen the Capable mercenary
  • Eloise the Bewitching alchemist
  • Filmia the Frog prince

You can see the trailer below, where it’s also featuring English text (maybe a hint of a localization?) and also a little gallery of the game:

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