Lucadian Chronicles Release Date Confirmed, Free-To-Play

Published on December 4th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

lucadian chronicles 2

We already covered details about Lucadian Chronicles before, and there is good news for those interested in the title: it will be released this December 11th for the North American eShop where the base game will be free to play and the full game will cost $7.99.

This card game from Dark Roast Entertainment will follow the same mechanic as Steel Diver: Sub Wars, while the base game will be a free download and in order to unlock the full game, you need to pay for the “premium” version, but without DLC.

Meanwhile we don’t know all the limits, the full game will feature a single player campaign, over 100 cards, a real-time draft tournament mode, asynchronous PvE and PvP challenges, Miiverse integration including stamps, Off-TV play and also, online multiplayer.

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