Mission A-2: Gear Up – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Walkthrough

Published on July 23rd, 2013 by Jake S.

The mission is A-2: Gear Up, and the game is Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. When the mission begins, you’re at the Entrance. There’s nothing much to do here or in the lower half of Gloomy Manor besides flashing the flowers outside the Manor and capturing the Boo BaBoon who is hiding in the Mudroom (in the hidden table in the foreground), so advance through the Guard Hall and to the Foyer.

Red Ghost - Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Careful! The Slammers introduced in this mission can perform powerful clapping attacks.

You should view a clip showing a slew of red ghosts (they are named Slammers) that are stealing the gears to the strange mechanism that moves the fish tank. After they split up, E. Gadd calls you on the Dual Scream. You have to find those gears so you can activate the mechanism and advance through the Manor.

First, enter the Coatroom and head towards the right half of the room. Vaccuum the rug on the floor to find a Gold Greenie. Whatever you do, don’t let it escape. When the ghost is sucked into the Poltergust, dough spills out. Grab the cash before it all disappears then head back to the Foyer and approach the open door. The door slams shut, and a Greenie, who is holding the key, rushes south. Go through the Guard Hall into the Entrance, and wait for the ghost to trigger its trap. Capture the Greenie and you will get the key.

Open the previously open door in the Foyer, and proceed to the Common Hall. Roll the rug back so coins are exposed. Vaccuum the money stack for a considerable amount of cash. Enter the bottom door to the left. You should be in the Lab. Approach the chalkboard to coax a Greenie out of hiding. Another one should join the fight. Vaccuum both up, and a Slammer will emerge out of a machine to your right. This enemy is more durable than a Greenie, so fill up your standard gauge twice.

The first gear is yours. Re-enter the Common Hall. Right next to the Lab’s door is some peeling wallpaper. Vaccuum that up to reveal a secret door. Enter the room to find some coins and a key, but make sure to vaccuum the trash pile on the floor before. Backtrack to the Foyer and climb the stairs. The staircase collapses from under you, and the perpetrator, a Hider, reveals itself.

This ghost loves to hide in objects, and you must find it before it throws stuff at you. Capture the ghost using said tactics, and once again climb the stairs. If you got a few scrapes from the duel, flash the safe using the Strobulb. Unlock the door to your left, and roll up the Master Hall’s rug. Flash the golden spiders, then the regular spiders that follow. Find the coins on the west wall, then enter the Parlor using the door that’s mostly to the front.

In the Parlor, flash the clock to reveal the Baguette Amethyst. Just to the right of the clock, inspect the paintings to find money. Finally, vaccuum the gramophone to play a tune. When it ends, two Greenies are seen. Vaccuum both up, and another Slammer will arise. Capture it, then head back to the Master Hall.

Jog north and find the furthest door and enter it. In the Bedroom, get a grip of the wallpaper and pull it down. Suck up the coats on the coatrack, then A-pull the hanging pull cord. Inspect the resulting bed at any time to find the Study.

Approach the third gear to trigger four Greenies, this time with mice in the mix. After, another Slammer emerges. After the attack, obtain the third gear and roll up the rug. Step on the switch and waltz right into the fireplace. You should be in the Studio. Find two Hiders, and then tackle the final Slammer. The last gear is finally yours, but before going back to the Foyer, look through the old-fashioned camera. Aim your Poltergust at the left curtain and point it up. The Football Amethyst flies right into your hands.

A-pull the cloth covering the canvas, and vacuum up the trash blocking the door. In the Foyer, inspect the mechanism to complete the mission.

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