Monster Hunter 4 Will Have Wi-Fi And Local Multiplayer

Published on May 31st, 2013 by Gervais D.

I was one of the many Nintendo gamers who were disappointed after hearing that Monster Hunter 3 for the 3DS will not support Wi-Fi gameplay. Its Wii U version did, which made me even more upset. Since that’s not going to change, we are all looking forward to the next gen Monster Hunter game, which will be Mobnster Hunter 4. Now, the question is – will Monster Hunter 4 have Wi-Fi and local multiplayer gameplay?

Will Monster Hunter 4 have Wi-Fi and local multiplayer gameplay

Yes! According to Capcom of Japan’s official website for Monster Hunter 4, the 3DS version of the game will support both Wi-Fi and local multiplayer gameplay. Up to 4 players can hunt together during the multiplayer portion of the game.

Source : Capcom of Japan.

Have a look at the game’s multiplayer gameplay in the video below.

Monter Hunter 4 Multiplayer Gameplay :

Video credit : DRaGMaRe.

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