My Nintendo is now live!

Published on March 31st, 2016 by PersonSP

My Nintendo is live! (And it’s looking supersleek too.) Check it out!Home

What’s better, Flipnote 3D has FINALLY arrived for all those who lived in countries where Nintendo is stingy with. Want to know more? Have a look at the official page.

Why has it gone live today? Well, because Miitomo launches today and most missions on My Nintendo right now are My Nintendo related. Missions? Yes! Ways to earn credits and get stuff! There are three types of credits. Gold Points, which you get by purchasing games, Platinum points, free points you get by missions, and Miitomo points which you get by…playing Miitomo! Platinum Points and Miitomo points can often be used for the same rewards, Gold Points are elusive and exclusive.


Missions: How do they work? What can you get with them? Fear not, for Nintendo has provided a full tutorial to answer all your questions. The first mission is easy though, log in and you’ll have completed “Start using My Nintendo” for a whopping 100 Platinum Points! Those are (partially) used for the tutorial. good thing you also get 30 as a weekly sign in bonus.

What can you get? Nintendo knick-knacks, discount vouchers and… full games! For Instance, Nintendo Legend of Zelda Picross for 3DS! Neat.

The Legend of Zelda picross, a reward of the My Nintendo program.
Legend of Zelda Picross for 3DS

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