NES Console Review (3DS eShop)

Published on August 20th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

NES Console Review (3DS eShop)

If you think 8-bit console, you think the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). The system that made Nintendo known and saved the industry from the crash that the game E.T. made, the market wasn’t about Atari anymore, but for the Japanese company.

Being also offered on the Wii and the Wii U, it’s pretty logic the 3DS won’t be skipped.

PRO: The presentation
Like always, there’s a manual that explains how the service and the game works. Most of the time the manuals are complete.

PRO: Suspend Feature
If you exit the game, it will be suspended. This means once you open the game again, you will be able to start where you left off.

PRO: Display
This is simple, the display is well made on the 3DS, where the only borders you will see are in both sides of the screens due the different resolution’s format.

MIX: The controls
The controls work nice, however, there are games that you wish to invert the A/B buttons, like Super Mario Bros. 3 for example, mostly due to the button placement on the original NES console and the one on the 3DS.

Another thing would be the multiplayer controls, where there’s no wireless feature to play with another 3DS player unless it offers the Download Play feature, where the list isn’t really big. Still, for games where both players don’t play at the same time, swapping controllers is possible.

MIX: Save States
Another mention for the “restore point”, the save state feature of the emulation service. Meanwhile it’s pretty cool to go back if you made a mistake, it’s limited to just one state, and there’s no fast load or save function using the unused buttons.

It’s quite funny that the 3DS offers a better display and regular controls, and the Wii U one a regular display and better controls, still if you don’t care about the multiplayer part of the game, the handheld experience is the winner of both services, being able to play anywhere.

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