New Features announced for Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 by Koei Tecmo

Published on June 20th, 2015 by Bearidan

Recently, Koei Techmo America Corp had released more information on the upcoming game, Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3, which will be released for the Nintendo 3ds alongside the PlayStation VITA. Many features and screenshots as well as trailers were revealed of the game’s features such as customization for your warrior and different game modes like the Story Mode and the Challenge Mode each with your own unique gameplay. Another aspect of the game is your relationships with officers and warriors, which affect the Story Mode and perspective endings of the game.

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 Gameplay

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 engages its users into a vast¬† gameplay action and understand the cultural stories of the Sengoku era of Japan. Celebrating the franchise’s 10th Anniversary in the upcoming release of this new game of the series, the game brings back many of the features of past Samurai Warriors titles. The game will also feature the Nintendo 3DS’s SpotPass and StreetPass features, making this an epic game brimming with much content and yet more to be announced.

Release Date – June 30th, 2015
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