New to 3DS eShop – ‘Glory of Generals: The Pacific’

Published on May 29th, 2015 by Warbird

glory of generals 2

CIRCLE Entertainment seems to try their hardest to push a new game out every week (maybe every other week at best), and this week meets that pattern also, as I introduce you to CIRCLE’s newest game: Glory of Generals: The Pacific. Glory of Generals is a strategic war game that puts you straight into battle with world famous generals, featuring 64 campaigns across 4 battlefields and over 300 real world terrains to influence your strategies. During battles, you will accumulate medals which will help you promote your soldiers, and players will also have the ability to upgrade military facilities in the headquarters to offer essential supplies you’ll need during the war.

Glory of Generals

My first impression of this game (on the surface; I haven’t actually played it) is that it sounds like a free-to-play game in disguise. Even in the trailer, it shows that you have to buy items with Playcoins to grow stronger. And while I’m sure this is an optional feature, it just seems like this is something free to play games should have (especially since it doesn’t even seem optional, as medals are needed to promote your soldiers). Again, I haven’t played the game, so I can’t exactly judge it quite yet. If you’re interested, Glory of Generals: The Pacific released yesterday (May 28th) on the 3DS eShop, so feel free to head on over and buy it. You can also view the trailer below.

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