Nintendo eShop Credit Card Details Entered Incorrectly Error But Nintendo Charged Credit/Debit Card

Published on April 29th, 2013 by Gervais D.

If you’re new to the Nintendo eShop and you are the type to make purchases online, read this carefully before doing such a thing. If you ever receive an error message (I believe it’s 005-6515) telling you that your credit card details were entered incorrectly when attempting to add funds via eShop when you know that it’s correct, do NOT attempt at adding the funds to your account again (not just yet). Nintendo will charge your credit/debit card, while the funds will not be credited to your account for eShop purchases.

People normally try again after receiving an error message. Not to mention, the third time is the charm – not really in this case. I have read about people trying over and over again attempting to add funds to their account with a credit/debit card, and in the end Nintendo charged the amount that was supposed to be credited to the person’s eShop account while displaying an error message to the end-user. It’s been an issue with the eShop ever since its release. Sure, Nintendo will refund the money, however, you might not receive the total amount that you tried to spend (depending on the bank that you’re with).

To put the reasoning behind this error message simple, when anyone attempts to make a purchase, Nintendo will place a hold charge on the credit/debit card. This is so that the company can ensure that the card owner has sufficient funds to complete the transaction. After, it will attempt to authorize the transaction. If it fails for some reason, Nintendo will reverse the hold charge. This normally takes several days if not done immediately. Then your bank might take several business days to refund the money to you (it took about 15 days for me to get my money back).

What causes the problem?

1. Your billing address – the number one reason why you might receive this error is if your credit/debit card does not match your billing address. Make sure that you’re using the same billing address as your credit/debit card.

2. Incorrect credit/debit card details – the only other way to get this message is by actually entering the wrong credit/debit card information. If the information is way off, then you’re card will not be charged, however, you will still get the error message.

For those that are still experiencing problems, you can always give Nintendo a call. The company’s phone number is 1-800-255-3700. They also accept email support, however, it takes days to receive a reply. Calling via phone might be the fastest way to get in contact with Nintendo.

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