Nintendo NFC plans featuring the Wii U and the 3DS

Published on May 8th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

Nintendo NFC

If you remember when the new hardware of Nintendo became a spoiler on the E3 page, most of the people expected a new console or maybe something related to the health quality life project announced by Mr. Iwata. This, as said on the page project, will be revealed in this E3.

Here is a web-translation of the project:

Nintendo NFC

It was decided that from this holiday season, expand the group figure embedded to work with video games, the NFC functionality.

We call the development code-named NFP, this product group. And that is a Platform that leverage the NFC, I comes from the Nintendo Figurine Platform.
But instead of being considered as a peripheral product, the particular software major feature of the NFP has been considered as a platform NFP itself.

It is that it is designed for association with a plurality of software that will developed by Nintendo platforms.

In other words, a figure you buy for you, or you have collected, is that it seeks to ensure that becomes to work with Video Games for multiple Nintendo is going to expand the future, we will increase sequentially the corresponding game.

The Nintendo, also, to some characters IP high-profile of many of the game was born, game of the series works that utilize because they have been deployed on a regular basis, that they are to work with the NFP, and new forms of I believe the platform is born.

Is not only understood by NFP, as well as read, because there is the function of writing, which figure is or was placed on the Wii U GamePad on, it is also possible to read and write data compact game-specific. We plan to made this possible. This allows you to customize the NFP of yourself, like that, to develop the Nintendo character of your own.

Nintendo NFC for Wii U

For more information about NFP scheduled to be released in the holiday season this year-end, we plan to at E3 to be held in Los Angeles in June, in conjunction or compatible software specific, and exhibition of NFP products to deploy, to introduce in detail.

n addition, the leader writer function of the NFC’s standard with the hardware of the dedicated game machine at the moment, the only Wii U.
However, even if they are proposed NFP is to work with the game software as multiple platforms with much effort, even those who have the concerns referred to as “Do not do not grow to a sufficient market size in the market size of only Wii U” might come.
If you are able to take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS are popular more than 43 million units already, this assumption can vary greatly.
Nintendo NFC for 3DS
In Nintendo, with the aim to launch in the first half of next year, we are promoting the development of the NFC reader writer of the series for Nintendo 3DS, such as you can see. As a result, this reader-writer Nintendo 3DS to interact through infrared, Nintendo 3DS of your hand, I will be able to read and write NFC.
In other words, it means that the software of the Wii U, NFP to suggestions this time, that, keep up with software of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U in the next year is the end of this year.


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