Nintendo revokes spotpass service from Swapnote / Letter Box

Published on November 1st, 2013 by Rocío V.

In a surprisingly abrupt notification, Nintendo has decided to withdraw the Swapnote application’s SpotPass service due the constant misuse to send offensive material through the photographs, attachments and doodles, in order to protect the minors.

Starting today, November 1st, the following has occurred:

  • No more special announcement letters from Nintendo or game developers will get to your inbox.
  • You will no longer have the ability to send letters to your contacts on your 3DS friend list.
  • You can still browse the letters you received.

Indeed, quite sad news for the many of us who were using the application to make friends and have fun. However, the application had no proper way to restrict, report or in anyway protect yourself against this kind of repulsive acts. I think it is understandable that Nintendo had to do this.

Hopefully once/if the Miiverse arrives to the 3DS, this application won’t be missed as much.

About Rocío V.

Rocío is a Mexican video gamer who loves The Legend of Zelda series and admits to be biased in favor of Nintendo. She currently lives in Australia and collects Zelda Merchandise.