Nintendo Video will be shut down shortly

Published on March 16th, 2014 by Rocío V.

Nintendo has sadly announced through the release of a 3DS notification that the service for their Nintendo Video™ will end as of Monday 31st of March, 2014.

Nintendo Video was a free application that came pre-installed with the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL consoles (and possibly 2DS consoles as well). The application was designed to showcase unique videos in 3DS that players would receive through spot pass approximately every 15 days. Some were Nintendo videos such as Kid Icarus mini episodes, a Kirby 3D special episode and more recently Pikmin Safari and Link’s Misadventures. Other videos were animations from other parties like Shawn the sheep, Big Buck bunny and other videos were real life footage of different locations, sports and circus acts.

All in all it was pretty entertaining when you just got your console but at some point some of this video were repeated a bit too much. The news of its closure came to me as a big surprise, however, considering they also shut down DS and Wii to release some servers it makes sense that this application was also targeted.

Now that Nintendo has linked account and their Nintendo eShop is well known, users have access to purchase videos through it so perhaps to them it has become a bit redundant. I wish the application was given a longer deadline but as it is we only got this last videos to enjoy.

About Rocío V.

Rocío is a Mexican video gamer who loves The Legend of Zelda series and admits to be biased in favor of Nintendo. She currently lives in Australia and collects Zelda Merchandise.