Ohno Odyssey Review

Published on November 18th, 2013 by Eric Weichhart



The Ohno aliens are on Earth and you must help them back to their escape pod so that they can repair it to go back to their mothership.


Ohno Odyssey Gameplay
You must place the items first.

The game is short with 35 levels while 10 of them are tutorials, therefore you will have 25 different levels to play. Of course, that doesn’t mean you will finish it fast.

The gameplay works as a puzzle game with a little touch of platform but the main idea is a try-fail system. Most of the levels have a lot of different ways to finish so basically the main idea is being careful with your resources, watching what you can do and finally, trying it.

That means there is replay value because one of the challenges of the game is to try and save items to get bonus items. That means the less items you use, the better bonus you will get. You must try to find other ways to finish the level and some of them will need a lot of tries to get your objective.

Some levels can take 30 minutes to beat while others can take less than 5 minutes. The time you will need depends on your puzzle skills but some of them aren’t all that you need because you have to play those little platform times in some levels.

The level design is well done and the physics of the game is great, without any variation, allowing you to be really exact and save you a lot of headache.

The controls of the game work excellent and the game itself is really easy to learn thanks to the tutorials.


Ohno Odyssey Gameplay

The game has a cartoon style and it looks good on the console. It isn’t the best looking game on the eShop but in general the game looks fine.

The 3D effect is well done but is too strong, therefore you may want to lower the 3D settings to half if you don’t want to feel dizzy. There is no lag with or without the 3D effect so in overall the game works great.

Ohno Odyssey Gameplay
The little story in the game is made up of images with a really good art quality.

Most of the soundtrack feels very generic but those songs aren’t annoying to hear. Some of the songs are relaxing so you won’t get tired of them meanwhile you’re trying to find how to beat the level.

The sounds of the game are okay, the quality is good, including the few voices in the game.



Ohno Odyssey Gameplay
Those Ohnos have different expressions and they can also make you smile.

The presentation of the game is okay. The tutorial will explain how to play it very well and the controls, including the tactile ones, work excellent with an easy interface.

Once you finish the game, you can find some replay value. Honestly, the game needs more levels and a level editor would be great but for now there is a verdict:

Ohno OdysseyVERDICT: 70/100 (Good)
The game has a lot of potential but sadly it’s too short. The gameplay is strong as the level design. It also offers a good puzzle challenge and different ways to play it, offering replay value. If you love puzzles, you will want to play this game.

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