Parking Star 3D Review

Published on May 8th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart



Parking Star 3D Gameplay
While the controls are good, the level design isn’t.

The main idea of the game is simple and original; you have to park your car and that is exactly what you will do. However, unfortunately some aspects don’t allow the game to shine.

As you enter the level, you have your patch, your destiny is with an arrow that shows the direction the car must be facing. Essentially, the faster you achieve the task, the better it is for you. Sounds great right?

From one angle, we have the controls which are good. I recommend that you play with only the buttons since it’s the easier way to control the car while you present your skills. Something I noted, it can be a little hard to learn if you aren’t used to playing games with driving.

Some of the good aspects of the game are you’re ability to choose one from four different cards, with the option to choose one of the seven colors they offer, it’s a nice touch. Meanwhile, the first one is already available by default, the other three can be purchased with some upgrades already made. You can upgrade three categories which are:

Time: Gives you more time (10 seconds) to complete the level.
Control: Gives you better controls on the car, being easier to drive.
HP: Gives you more life, being able to survive more hits before crashing the car.

To purchase these components, you will need stars. You’re able to get those stars playing the levels, and depending on how you beat the level, you can win up to three stars.

On the contrary, we have the level design and it isn’t good at all. Something I’d like to highlight is the unrealistic environments found within the game.

For example, a car is coming for you and it won’t stop until it crashes with you which is something that evidently would not occur in reality. If you have good health, the car will just disappear from the level. It also happens with dogs, persons and hot dog vendors.

This current aspect breaks the game challenge. Having a car with HP will allow you to make obstacles of the game disappear. Therefore, instead of being a Parking Star, you will be a Parking Cheater. The game difficulty isn’t too balanced either, but this comes from the breakable level design of the game.

The game is also short. Meanwhile the game features five different cities with eight levels each, doing a total of 40 levels. I was able to beat the game in two and half hours. For a 100% completion, you would need about maximum two more hours. I know it’s cheap, but more levels would be great.

With that, the replay ability isn’t too grand either It would be beaten every level with 3 stars and collects stars to buy and upgrade every car.

The game looks decent but the game lacks substantial animations, for example, the car doesn’t show any damage when you hit something. The only animation the game actually has is the player car’s tailpipe.

I also tried the 3D effect and, meanwhile it looks good, it makes the game more confusing. This is because it only makes your car look higher and you can hit stuff by accident for not being used to play the game with the effect.

For the other side, the songs available on the games are catchy, but the sound quality isn’t great and you will get tired after hearing it many times. There are only three songs, one for the title and two for the rest of the game. Something good about the songs is that they’re long, but when you restart the level, the song also restarts making it quite repetitive.

Parking Star 3D - Beijing
The game features five cities: Beijing, Dubai, New York, Paris and Tokyo.

The presentation of the game is moderate, the menu is easy to use and the manual is complete.

The game in overall is a good idea however, the execution of the game doesn’t allow it to shine.

The game also features some replay ability, and it’s something good when the game is short.

The game itself isn’t too bad for $3 as it has a great idea however with a poor execution. Conclusively, the game is short and it has some replay ability. I recommend this game for those who like original ideas or those who want to play something different.

Parking Star 3D Review Score
Score in text: Gameplay 72 – Graphics 60– Audio 50 – Presentation 71 – Final Score: 65

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