Persona Q 3DS XL now confirmed for North America

Published on September 10th, 2014 by D4rkDragon

It’s official, a limited edition of the 3DS XL with a design based on Persona Q will be sold in North America. It will only be available in GameStop though.

Persona Q 3DS XL now confirmed for North America

There will be two packs: one pack with both the system and the game, available for $199 (taxes haven’t been applied, might depend on where you live), and another pack only featuring the 3DS, without the game will also be available for cheaper (no price has been given yet).

Don’t forget: this is the 3DS XL, and not the New 3DS(XL). It won’t read potential future N3DS-only titles, though. However, if you’re still interested, I suggest you go to your local GameStop retailer.

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