Plague of Shadows – Free Shovel Knight DLC!

Published on March 3rd, 2015 by Gerudo-Warrior

Plague of shadows - Free shovel knight DLC!

The indie game Shovel Knight, developed by Yacht Club Games, is getting additional downloadable content. This is good news, but do you know what’s better? It is free DLC! Since their Kickstarter campaign was overfunded, Yacht Club Games¬†generously made the DLC free, and now we are finally getting the first of these.

The DLC will let you play as none other than Plague Knight, the Order of No Quarter member that is obsessed with alchemy. Plague Knight is on a quest to discover Serum Supernus, the ultimate potion. However, to get the ingredients of this mixture, he must extract them from his former allies… the villainous knights of the Order of No Quarter!

Yacht Club Games says that Plague Knight will use a different gameplay than the main character Shovel Knight did. It will also feature a new upgrading system called crafting. The DLC will also feature new objectives, enemies, areas and bosses! It also comes with new challenging feats.

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