Project X Zone 2 Announces New Characters

Published on May 15th, 2015 by Warbird


In case you missed it, 10 new characters were announced today for the upcoming sequel to the highly acclaimed Japanese fighting game, Project X Zone 2. The announced characters include:

Street Fighter series:

  • Ryu
  • Ken Masters

Project X Ryu + Ken

Ace Attorney series:

  • Phoenix Wright
  • Maya Fey

 Project X 2 Phoenix and Maya

Sakura Wars series:

  • Sakura Shinguji
  • Gemini Sunrise

Project X 2 Sakura and Gemini Normal Attack 2

Streets of Rage series:

  • Axel Stone

Project X 2 Axel Stone Solo Attack_1

God Eater 2:

  • Ciel Alencon
  • Nana Kazuki

Project X 2 Ciel and Nana

Summon Night 3:

  • Aty

Project X 2 Aty Solo Attack_1

After these All-Star additions to the game, we can only wonder: will there be other fighters in the game to be announced, or is this it? I have a feeling we can count on even more additions joining the brawl further down the line, but for now, this is what we have, and I am definitely content with that. You can find additional images below, and you can follow updates/announcements on the official website here (although not much of it is in English).

Project X 2 Aty Event Scene

Project X 2 Phoenix + Maya Objection

Ryu and Ken Event Scene

Sakura and Gemini Special Attack



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