An A+ for Proun+ (3DS eShop Review)

Published on March 16th, 2015 by Dwi Krisdianto


To move in constant motion is perhaps what racing gamers want. Their wheels either ask for fun, technicality, or the simulation of reality to keep racing in the track. Regardless of what kind of pleasure that satisfies us, developers should combine two or even three elements I mentioned above to make a racing game perfect. And Proun+ is an example of the perfection people might seek.

The existence of Proun+ on the Nintendo 3DS eShop is thanks to Joost van Dongen and Engine Software. It was a game for iOS systems. As the name may suggest, the self-titling expresses how abstract the environment we are living in the game. The world of Proun+ consists of colorful geometrical, abstract, cubical shapes… you name it.


Controlling a sphere to race through curves of fixed cable in such world becomes your objective, since Proun+ does not take speed for granted. The sphere automatically rolls forward – and it feels like electrical current – so your task is to engage less or even zero resistance of geometrical obstacles, if possible. Rotating your speed around the cable 360 degrees is possible, and this is what Proun+ offers to keep your wheel spins along the track.

It is a mental racing game of endurance served in such an attractive, unusual concept. Proun+ feature three types of tracks: Race tracks are the easiest type, since here you will learn to adapt to the environment – the AI is fair enough so racing your way in less collision is simple (but not easy) enough to win the game.

Point and Endless tracks offer more difficulty since you have to master the track, memorising obstacles. Point and moreover, Endless tracks are the channel to race against yourself. Point tracks challenges you to collect points and multipliers, where Endless tracks taunts you to beat your own best time through perfect precision, since once you collide with an obstacle, your race ends.


 There are five levels offered in the game, from Relaxed which casual gamers might tune into, to Speed of Light that might trample hardcore gamers’ might – more levels unlocked mean more speed added. The port from iOS carries motion sensor to control your sphere, aside from your Circle Pad (which is more preferred and easier), and faster courses did not affect the control; that sounds pretty good since the game request perfection.

What makes mastering the track – well, since you have to repeat it for many times to achieve no collision – more enjoyable is the music. Easy-listening jazz-rock that flows through your beat and release your tension while you concentrate on your sphere; personally it tastes relaxing in a way that Etrian Odyssey and Katamari Damacy music does, too – though not exactly same.

This game definitely asks for your effort, and if this objective suits you, you will be satisfied beating yourself – beating yourself to an A+, just like Proun+.


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