PUZZLEBOX setup: A Vivid Getup (3DS eShop Review)

Published on January 9th, 2015 by Dwi Krisdianto


On last Christmas, Bplus released a distinct, puzzle game called PUZZLEBOX setup. You might know about making a Pokemon evolve by holding your handheld upside-down during the process. PUZZLEBOX setup is something similar, but why did you know why Bplus set their game like that?

PUZZLEBOX setup is a game where you make colorful tiles fall down into a glass bottle to imitate a picture or to complete a setup. It is similar to a burger game in Bishi Bashi Special when I have to make buns, lettuce, sauce, and ham fall down following a setup – what customers want.

classic mode

So why bother to hold your Nintendo 3DS upside-down? Well, PUZZLEBOX setup is visually-directed, and we have a pretty good 3D screen. Then it is more natural to make tiles fall down rather than floating them up to the sky – unless an anti-gravity mode is added. That is why Bplus made you play this upside-down. And though I felt unusual holding my handheld upside-down for the first time, it was not a hindrance to continue playing the game.

There are two modes to play in PUZZLEBOX setup: Classic Mode and Copycat Mode. In Classic, you have to fill a watermarked, moving setup. Layers of colors are to touch by your stylus, matching the movement of the setup. You have “Slow” and “Fast” options here, but if both speed still does not satisfy you, a fast-forward button is there to scroll the setup faster.

copycat mode

Copycat Mode (every Classic stage has it) is unlocked by completing at least 70% in a Classic stage. In this mode, you have to imitate a picture. It is done in the same way like Classic Mode, but the setup does not move. Instead, you have to do it fast, and what is bothering me here is that the tiles are too small, compared to the Classic Mode. It was really hard to touch that tiny tiles, especially since I have my standard 3DS.

In both modes, you will be able to get a Coin by placing five right tiles in a row. These coins are needed to unlock next stages, so make sure that you create combos. And it was not so hard for me to unlock all stages, especially when traditional European musics accompany each stages. The visual is awesome, and this element is the key of PUZZLEBOX setup. Aside from less enjoyable Copycat Mode due to tiny tiles, this title might be a vivid getup for casual gamers pursuing beauty in simple pixel art. You may purchase the title for $2.99 in the Nintendo 3DS eShop.


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