SEED Floating Fortress 2F Puzzle Completion Guide – Rune Factory 5

Published on March 22nd, 2022 by Gervais D.

SEED Floating Fortress 2F is the first dungeon floor in Rune Factory 5 to have a tough puzzle. This guide will explain how it works and how to complete it so that you can progress further with the game’s story.

SEED Floating Fortress 2F Puzzle Completion Guide

The trick to progression in SEED Floating Fortress 2F is memorizing the locked door colors and the lever colors. You’re going to get stuck if you try to clear rooms one by one like how you did before.

Pulling a lever opens the respective color’s locked door.

Use the map below as a guide:

SEED Floating Fortress 2F Map in Rune Factory 5

The aim would be to clear all of the dungeon rooms and pull the levers once. Then get to Point #1, followed by Point #2, and finally Point #3 to pull their levers after defeating the enemies in each room. By doing so, you’ll unlock all of the objects blocking your path at the center of the room to progress to the next area.

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