Shapes of Gray Announced for Wii U

Published on August 10th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

Secret Tunnel Entertainment is porting their PC game “Shapes of Gray” to the Wii U, where its release is planned for early 2015. This new version will bring new modes, levels and unlocables, also some features like the off-TV play and Miiverse support.

You can see an official overview from the developer below:

Shapes of Gray is a fast-paced, stripped-down arcade game where you descend through a series of seconds-long levels, with a unique combat-puzzle in each one. I’ve heard it described as “the WarioWare of Dark Souls,” which I think is fitting.

For example, one level might pit your gray blob against two highly-explosive circles and an almighty square, who can only be defeated by slashing the weak point on his back. You could take care the two circles separately and then maneuver around to the square’s backside–but with only a few seconds to clear the level, wouldn’t it be smarter (and faster!) to bat one of the circles into the square to destroy him in the ensuing explosion?

You can also see the trailer below:

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