How to find Shiny Pokemon via Dexnav (OR/AS)

Published on March 2nd, 2015 by Patty

How to find Shiny Pokemon via Dexnav (OR/AS)

In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it is possible to hunt for shinies with the new Pokedex feature “Dexnav”, an exclusive for ORAS, meaning this method of shiny hunting will not work in Pokemon X/Y.

To obtain the Dexnav feature, simply talk to your rival May or Brendan on Route 101 after receiving your Starter Pokemon and PokeDex from Professor Birch. Afterwards you will have the Dexnav application install on your Super Pokenav. (Found under the lower screen of your 3DS.)

From there your hunt for shiny Pokemon has begun!

To start hunting for shiny Pokemon simply step into a patch of tall grass or step into a cave. 

NOTE: If you’re looking for a specific Pokemon Species, the 1st thing you must consider is to had caught the Pokemon at LEAST once, register on your PokeDex. Or else the chain will not work.

What will you Need:

  • Dexnav App install on your Super PokeNav
  • Super/Max Repels
  • Ultra Balls
  • Ethers (in case your Pokemon’s PP runs out)
  • Patience


  • Shiny Charm (Makes hunting shinies easier)
  • Pokemon with the ability Synchronize, if you would like to pass your Pokemon’s nature to the wild shiny Pokemon. (Ex: Abra)
  • Capture O-Power
  • PP Restoring O-Power


  1. Fly/Walk to the wild Pokemon’s Location (Ex: Wanted Vulpix, Location Mt Pyre)
  2. Activate the Dexnav and use a repel. This way you won’t encounter any random Pokemon.
  3. Tap the Pokemon on the Dexnav and it will begin it’s search. If the Pokemon was found, a shadow in the patches of grass will appear in the over-world. CAUTION: Be extremely careful trying to not scare the Pokemon, scaring it, will cause it to run away and BREAK your Chain. Also taking too long to encounter it will make it run away on its own.
  4. If the Dexnav Search didn’t worked, move to a different spot in the SAME location the Pokemon lives in. It will break the chain if you leave the location.
  5.  If a Random Pokemon Shows up on the Dexnav, encounter & make it faint, then you can go back to the Pokemon you are mainly hunting for!
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 until you finally catch your desire Pokemon.

Dexnav Key:

Potential Stars: tells you how many perfect IV’s the Pokemon has. Usually shows only 3 stars (IVs) as the max, but its possible to have more than three.

Hidden Ability: tells you what hidden ability the Pokemon has. Torchic and its evolution would usually have Blaze, but others have their Hidden Ability Speed Boost.

Egg Moves: tells you what egg moves this Pokemon would know via breeding. One of Skitty’s egg moves are Fake Out. NOTE: The egg moves change per encounter.

Search Level: tells you how many times you encountered the Pokemon

Level: tells you the level the Pokemon is in. It’s possible that the level maybe higher than than a level rate they are usually found in the wild.

What WILL break the chain:

  • Running away from the wild Pokemon battle
  • Leaving the Pokemon’s location
  • Scaring the Pokemon in the over world (before you encounter it in battle)
  • Any random Pokemon showing up on the Dexnav WON’T break the chain, however refusing to encounter it WILL break the chain.
  • Entering a building or encounter a Trainer for a battle

What WON’T break the chain:

  • Making the Pokemon faint or catching it.
  • Having a Random Pokemon pop up on the Dexnav that is not the Pokemon you want Shiny.
  • Using Items or Switch Pokemon

Good Luck on catching your Shinies!

Click here, for a video tutorial if you need any additional help!

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