SNES Virtual Console Review (Wii U eShop)

Published on August 20th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

SNES Virtual Console Review (Wii U eShop)

The NES was the absolute console for different reasons and the 16-Bit generation started a big war between SEGA and Nintendo, featuring the SNES and the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive. Both consoles had their masterpieces and the ’90s were a big example of that.

Both consoles also tried to progress with the time offering better experiences, where the main priority was to offer smoother 2D experience and 3D experiences: SEGA did the 32X, a console that was plugged to the console, Nintendo used chips on the cartridges. Then it was the CD support, where SEGA did the MEGA CD, also plugged to the console, and Nintendo for the other side tried to make the SNES CD, a project that was canceled and now known as the PlayStation.

The SNES was offered on the Wii Virtual Console service and now it’s offered again for the Wii U, so it’s time to start the review.

PRO: The controls
I love how great the controls work, where again it features the same layout from the original console. Like the other Wii U Virtual Console games, one is able to use more than one controller in the case of multiplayer games or change the buttons’ configuration.

PRO: The presentation
Again, each Virtual Console game includes a manual featuring an explanation of the game and the service itself. Remember to check it out before playing.

PRO: Suspend Feature
Again, the game will be suspended if you exit, being able to start from the same point once you start the game again. Still, it only works if you exit with the Home Button first.

MIX: Save States
The best thing about the “restore point” is the ability to go back if you made a mistake, of course, if you created it first. This time I won’t mention the uses of buttons for the load and save states, due there’s only one free button, still more save states would be great.

I consider the SNES Virtual Console to be the best one out of what has been offered for the Wii U, where it works excellent. Meanwhile more save states are wished, this one has the best look on the TV.

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