Sonic DLC now available in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Published on April 4th, 2015 by Gervais D.

April brings another free pack of DLC to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate which includes Sonic the Hedgehog Palico gear and permanent access to the Mario and Luigi gear.

See what this DLC pack contains below :

  • 14 New quests
  • 2 New weapons
  • 3 Complete armor sets
  • 4 Palico weapons
  • 7 Palico armor sets
  • 1 Bonus Palico: Blue Pal
  • 4 Guild Card backgrounds
  • 2 Guild Card poses
  • 13 Guild Card titles
  • 1 Poogie outfit: Vagaboar

How to get the DLC :

All you have to do is connect your Nintendo 3DS to the Internet, load up Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, go to the DLC menu of the game and download the content. If you have any questions, you can always sign up for an account at the 3DS Pedia forum and ask in the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate forum.

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