Spring Temple Completion Guide in Ary and the Secret Of Seasons

Published on September 1st, 2020 by Gervais D.

The Spring Temple is the third temple you must clear in Ary and the Secret Of Seasons. This guide will help you do so with step by step instructions.

Spring Temple Completion Guide

There should be an area you may have trouble with after entering the Spring Temple. At the part where you can’t proceed, there should be a yellow light to the right and a blue light to the left. Use the slingshot to shoot these lights with their respective season colors. This should raise a block in the middle so you can climb it and move further.

After falling to the trap, use the slingshot again to shoot a green season shot at the light and double jump to the lever. Pull it and four rocks should fall down. Climb them and double jump once more to the next area.

Get the climbing gloves and hit the ball above to use the green spring season’s effect. It should summon roots so you can climb places you couldn’t before. Use them to navigate to new areas when progressing.

Soon you’ll make it to a broken bridge. Fire a green season slingshot shot at the ball hanging from the ceiling and run across the bridge before it disappears. In the next area, use the green season power on the stone and climb up. Take the energy ball across the next bridge while avoiding the traps and place it on its holder to open the door.

Follow the path while using the same knowledge to progress, and eventually make a right-turn. If a trap hasn’t pushed you down, you’ll know you’re on the correct path because two doors will open up as you move forward. You’ll then see another energy ball. Before you grab it, shoot a blue season slingshot shot at the blue light in the room and then go left to use the green season power to summon half of a walkway. Go back and grab the energy ball. Carry it by double jumping to the left platforms and place it on the holder.

Go back to the entrance of the area where the energy ball holder is. Try to jump to the skyscraper-looking block and use the green season power so that it hits a nearby stone to extend the range of the effect. You may need to climb and get to another block on the right. After reaching this block, use the slingshot to shoot a blue season shot at the waterfall below to summon some ice to stand on. Jump to the ice and use the slingshot once again to shoot a green season shot above you to summon vines to climb. Climb up and pull the lever to release a ball.

Use the green season power on the ball and drag it to the top corner with the stairs. There should be a circular area to drag the ball to. Move through the unlocked doors and you should make it to a new area.

Defeat the enemies and shoot a green season power shot using the slingshot at the ball hanging from the top. Grab the energy ball and move in the opposite direction to place it on the empty holder; it involves climbing the vines. A new area to climb should appear. Grab the energy ball and climb up this new area. Double jump to the new platforms and place the energy ball on the empty holder. The middle area should rise. Jump on it and hit the ball with a blue season power shot using the slingshot. Blue icebergs should appear. Jump on them and pull the lever.

Go back down and shoot a green season shot at the ball. Climb up the same new area with vines that you did when you had the energy ball. Jump from the low platform to the highest platform on the edges and you’ll eventually find a lever. Pull it and the middle area of the room will rise again. Go down and climb the middle skyscraper-looking block and then jump down to the door you just unlocked to proceed.

When you find another ball, activate your green season power and drag it through the door. Try to move it on the right edge of the area so that it doesn’t hit the purple crystal and deactivate its effect. While you do this, you will have to activate the yellow light below so that it deactivates the trap to the right edge area. This is so that the ball will not have an obstacle in its way. Keep guiding the ball until you’re unable to. Now you’ll have to find a new area with a lever that’s high. Try to climb to the top-right areas to find this area. Pull the lever and move the box. A bridge should be formed, allowing you to continue moving the ball. You should be able to drag the ball to the circular area now. Climb up and go through the unlocked door.

In the new area, you need to hit the lights at the top with their respective season colors using the slingshot. Then use the green season power to pull one of the balls when it falls to the appropriate location to trigger 2 events (stairs and other circular area leveling). Get the next ball that fell and use the green season power to drag on top of the block that opens out from hitting the yellow light. Go between that block and the block with the circular area and use the blue season power to form a bridge. Drag the ball with the green season power to the circular area and it should unlock the door. Go back to the unlocked stairs and go through the door.

Drag the ball across the trail in the new area. There is a part where you will likely get stuck and fall off if you continue to pull the ball, so don’t do that. Instead, when you reach the end, you must try to push the ball off. The trail is made at the bottom once the ball falls and you can jump down to continue pulling the ball to make further trails.

The next area is pretty straightforward. Drag the ball to reach a high platform with a lever. Pull it and then drag the ball up the new area. You’ll have to use the blue season power to make an ice bridge between the two platforms. After, you should be able to drag the ball to the circular area to unlock the door and proceed with the temple.

For the final area (right-turn from the straight path), find the ball in the water and use the green season power to remove the water around the ball. Pull the ball out of the natural water area and then use the blue season power on it. Drag the ball back into the water and the water should turn into ice, allowing you to move it to the circular area to open the next door.

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