SUMICO coming to 3DS eShop this Dec 18

Published on December 11th, 2014 by Jandkas

Ludomotion is working with developer Engine Software to bring the number puzzle game Sumico to the 3DS Eshop. The game will launch on the European Eshop December 18. The game will cost € 2,99 / 2,69 GBP.

The trailer described the indie game as “Super smart, super fun, and super addictive.” The developers stated, “that’s exactly what the 3DS audience can expect. After the overwhelming response and hundreds of thousands of downloads on iOS and Android, the game now debuts on Nintendo 3DS™.”

The developers for the 3DS version, Engine Software, had released Proun+ and the console versions of Terraria.  The developers have added, “a couple of new and exclusive features for Nintendo 3DS™ – such as a star based ranking in the game’s endless mode.”

More from the PR Statement

In SUMICO you make sums to score points. Find the right numbers and operators to make the target. The longer your sum, the more points you earn. But beware: use too many tiles and you won’t be able to make the next target.
SUMICO features two modes:”


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