Super Training Guide for Pokemon X and Y

Published on October 17th, 2013 by Dilawar Hussain

In Pokemon X and Y, you can EV train your pokemon in a completely new and simple way. No more begging for Pokerus or Brace items. You can use the Super Training to EV train your Pokemon and enjoy the experience as well because it’s basically playing minigames to increase EVs (252 EVs to increase a stat by 63 points and a total of 510 EVs per Pokemon).

First of all you have to complete the tutorial for the Super Training which is for Defense, so you either complete it with a Pokemon you want to train in defense or do it with some Pokemon you don’t actually want to train. Don’t worry if you accidentally messed up your EV training or want to reset the training because you can do so by punching the “Reset Bag”.

Pokemon X and Y Super Training

There are 6 minigames, 1 for each stat. There are 3 different levels for Super Training. It is really important to unlock level 3 since it is the best place to gain the most EV points per minigame to finish faster.

EV points you get from each level:

  • Level 1 – gives 4 EV points to the respective stat.
  • Level 2 – gives 8 EV points to the respective stat.
  • Level 3 – gives 12 EV points to the respective stat.

You will also get punching bags for stats when you complete a mini game. There are punching bags for all the stats and other boosting bags are also available.

EV points you get from each Punching Bag:

  • Small (S) bags – give 1 EV points.
  • Medium (M) bags – give 4 EV points.
  • Large (L) bags – give 12 EV points.

To gain punching bags you can either complete minigames and you’ll get free punching bags or you can just punch the Default bag (Black Punching bag) to get random bags. When punching the Default Black bag you’ll get random bags, these will consist of Stat Boosting bags (Attack, Defense, Speed, etc), Bonus bags that will grant you some extra perks during your next Super Training Minigame, Swiftness bag (makes your Pokemon faster in the next minigame), X2 bag (gives your Pokemon double the EV points in next minigame), etc. You will also get the “Reset Bag” by punching the default bag, however, the type of bag you get is totally random.

In the beginning your Pokemon will feel slow and score less points on each hit during the minigames but once you start adding points to its stats, it will become more powerful and faster. Each stat has it own unique ability within the minigames, for example, the amount of Attack EVs you have determines the amount of points collected per shot in a minigame, Speed EVs determine the speed of your characters movement during minigame, Defense EVs determine the amount of points loss when hit, Special attack EVs determine speed of charging a shot (Not confirmed), Special defense EVs determine the amount time your shield can be held or recharge time for the shield (also not confirmed), I have no idea what HP EVs are used for but you will find out yourself.

When one of your stat is fully trained (If you have full EV points for that stat) you will not be able to train your Pokemon in that stat anymore, it won’t get any points. This time the Max EV cap for a Stat has been set to 252, so don’t worry about adding extra 3 accidentally because it’s not possible anymore.

There is a bar at the Punching Bag screen which keep filling when you gain EV points, when it’s full it means your Pokemon is fully trained. Now, go train your Pokemon because they’re not gonna train themselves.

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