How to take a screenshot in Fantasy Life

Published on February 26th, 2015 by Gervais D.

Fantasy Life is one of those 3DS games that support the ability to take screenshots while playing. The screenshots are saved on your SD card and you have to follow some instructions before gaining the ability. This tutorial teaches you :

  • how to take screenshots in Fantasy Life.
  • how to get the image(s) from your SD card to your computer.
  • how to upload it to the Internet without taking out your SD card.

How to take a screenshot in Fantasy Life

First you must travel to the Castele Guild Office and talk to the clerk in the middle  :

Screenshot clerk in Fantasy Life

You  should receive an alert telling you that you can now  take  screenshots in the game. To take a screenshot, all that you have to  do is  press  the START button during the gameplay. You should see a flash on the screen as well as hear a snapshot sound.

How to export the screenshot(s) from your SD card to your computer

  1. After taking the screenshot, turn off your 3DS.
  2. Take out the SD card from your 3DS.
  3. Connect the SD card to your computer (eg. push it into your computer’s SD card slot).
  4. If you’re using a Windows computer, click Start, followed by Computer.
  5. Select the SD card under the “Devices with Removable Storage” category.
  6. Click on the DCIM folder, followed by the 100NIN03 folder.
  7. Look for the screenshot that  you  want to transfer to your computer.
  8. Copy and paste it to your desktop.

Remember to safely remove the SD card once you’re done by right-clicking the ‘safely remove hardware and eject media’ icon from the taskbar of your Windows PC and selecting ‘Eject SD’.

How to upload a screenshot to the Internet without touching the SD card

First, follow one of the methods below to access Nintendo’s Image share :

Method 1 – using a QR code :

  1. Press the L and R buttons on your 3DS at the same time to open the camera app.
  2. Touch the QR code icon QR code icon - Nintendo 3DS Camera
  3. Scan the QR code below using your 3DS’s camera and it should load after some seconds :

Nintendo Image Share QR Code

Method 2 :

  1. Open the Internet Browser app on the 3DS.
  2. On the touchscreen, you should see URL. Select it.
  3. Type in and go to the page.

From there, you should be able to log into your Twitter or Facebook account to upload screenshots to (Tumblr is an option, however, it does not support posting). Once you’re logged in, tap on the ‘browse’ button and select the image you wish to upload.

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