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Well, the first thing to say about this game is this isn’t a normal platform game. No enemies or jump, the game is just avoiding and exploring.

Instead of the jump, you flip, so you will be switching the gravity to complete the game.

If you think this game is easy, you will need some medication, because the game presents a brutal challenge, but also an excellent level design.

When you’re playing, you will find there is no life system. If you die, you will start from the last checkpoint you touched, so be careful and don’t skip them. With the start menu you can also see your progress and save your data.

If you played the PC version, you will find also new features, first the 3D effect and second, 18 player-created levels, most of them are more harder than the game itself. They also use their own save data system.

The bonus modes are mostly a remixed experience of the game, like the Time Trial and the No Death mode, but they can be unlocked from the menu, so you can play them anytime.

With that, I suppose to say you can break the difficulty, because you can use cheats. The one I already said is the ability to unlock the extra mode, but the most important for those who can’t beat the game is the invincibility mode. This allows you to cross the game without dying, but with that you also have the risk of find a death way glitching the game, needing to quit and start from the last save point. For the other side, those cheats breaks the difficulty of the game, but you need to know you will need them anyways.

The controls are normal, you can move with the D-Pad and the Control Pad and flip with the button A, and that is all you need them. They work very well so you don’t have any problem with them, so speed-runners can also enjoy this version of the game.

The game want to look like a game of the Commodore 64, and it’s well done.

Also, the backgrounds, flash effects and the 3D effect are actually extras features that can be removed (disabled) from the options menu, if you want a more real experience.

The 3D effect is excellent made, the sound effects are good and the chip-tune soundtrack (called PPPPPP) is awesome, presenting melodic, catching and high quality tracks, making a better experience with the game.

With that, we have to add a excellent presentation that makes a fully package for be enjoined.

VERDICT: 75/100 (Great)
With a simple concept and style, they managed to make an excellent execution and presenting a high quality game. The game needs lots of skills to be complete, or not if you use the cheats, but the experience you will have is good enough to say “I love this game.”

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