How To Watch 3D YouTube Videos On A Nintendo 3DS

Published on September 17th, 2013 by Eric Weichhart
This is really awesome with the 3D effect!

Thanks to the camera in the Nintendo 3DS, we can see videos up to 10 minutes long. Do you want to know something better? They aren’t required to be made with the camera. This tutorial teaches you how to convert videos and watch them on a Nintendo 3DS.

Before we can start, you will need two programs to do it:

  • 3DS Video Converter
  • Free YouTube Downloader HD

If you want to make it easier, you can download it from here. Now we can start.

1. Find the video

Finding the video
There are a lot of videos with the YouTube function. Reviews, gameplays, music videos, etc. If you only want to search 3D videos to watch, you can easily find them by searching for yt3d.

2. Download it!

Downloading the video

This software is easy to use.

  1. In “Download”, select the resolution of the video. The best option is “FLV video – HQ 480p”.
  2. Check the box “Convert FLV to AVI (XVID)
  3. Copy the URL of the YouTube video and paste it on “Video URL”
  4. Select where you’re saving your video on “Save to:”
  5. Click on “Download”

 3. Converting the video

Converting the video
Don’t be scared. It’s really easy.

The next step is to convert the video so that you can watch it on your Nintendo 3DS later. Just follow the instructions below by using the screenshot above as a reference to the numbers below :

  1. In the “File” section, browse your video and load it on “Source video” and select where it will be saved on “Destination Folder”.
  2. Now, in “Input Video Type”, you must select if it’s a 2D video (A normal video one, without the effect) or a 3D video, but what do you have to select?
    Well, do you remember the capture of the first step? The first image is a Top-Bottom video and the second one is a Side-by-Side.
  3. “Extra Options”, the only thing I recommend you is to select the “Keep Aspect Radio” option.
  4. If you don’t know what are multi-core threads, don’t touch this.
  5. Here you can pick the quality of the video. The best option is “1”, but if you do not have a lot of space, “8” will be okay.
  6. Skip this.
  7. Click on “Convert”

4. Copy the converted video on the SD card
Video foldersIn the SD card, you will see a folder called “Nintendo 3DS”. Also, if you used once the Nintendo 3DS Camera, a “DCIM” folder with another inside called “100NIN03”.

This last folder will have all the photos and videos.

You must move the video file inside the folder “101NIN03”, and it has to be renamed like this:

LLL_NNNN (L is Letter and N is Number).

If you didn’t get what I talking about, don’t worry, I have an example for you:

Video files

5. Play it!

Playing 3D Videos on the Nintendo 3DS
To play the videos from the Nintendo 3DS Camera, you have to press “View Photos/Videos” on the screen.

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