Word Wizard 3D Review

Published on November 14th, 2013 by Eric Weichhart



It’s really amazing how solid this game is, featuring three languages, eight modes and a lot of word fun.


The game features different gameplay of word games, therefore this post will mention each one at a time. Each game has an easy, normal and hard difficulty, so if you master the game or you’re just learning, there are different choices at your disposal.

The game can also be played in Spanish, English or French. Thumbs up to the great localization work. Note: The game was played in Spanish for this review.

Word Wizard 3D GameplayHidden Words

This is a classic word search. It is the easiest and most enjoyable of the 8 modes. Players must find the hidden words on that ‘soup of letters’. They can be horizontal or vertical, and if you are unable to find a word, there are three hints that can be used to help you find the first letter of a word.


Word Wizard 3D GameplayPickLetter

The game is a bit difficult. It will give you different letters for you to create words. The more words you create, the better. Once you finish a word, the game will reward you with points. You can also make combos for extra points.

It’s possible to skip a letter with a tap if you do not want it.


Word Wizard 3D GameplayHangman

This is another classic mode but instead of using lives or the hangman body, you will be penalized in time if you make a mistake. This game can also save a lot of paper if you play it with someone.


Word Wizard 3D GameplayWordFinder

You must guess the word by typing the keyboard. Green letters mean they are in the correct place, red letters mean they are not in the word and the yellow letters mean they are in the word but should be at another location.

The game is really easy to play but if you have difficulties finding a word, there is a skip button that can replace a word with another.


Word Wizard 3D GameplayWordBlast

You must create words with the letters that you have and they must be created with chains. The golden letter means a triple point bonus and silver is double. It’s actually the most interesting mode of the 8.

If you are unable to find words, you can press the refresh button for new letters (special letters will stay).


Word Wizard 3D GameplaySwapLetters

A really interesting mode. You must swap letters to make the word before the time runs out. Green letters mean they are in their correct locations and red letters mean they are in the incorrect locations.

It is possible to skip the word with the cost of earned points.


Word Wizard 3D Gameplay


The hardest mode of the game, and it’s Sudoku but with letters. The main diagonal (it’s green on the photo) must contain the word you need. There is no time limit so you have all the time in the world to complete the game. It’s a good mind challenge and the hardest mode in Word Wizard 3D.


Word Wizard 3D GameplayBubbles

You must find letters of the word (it doesn’t need to be in order). This game can be hard if the letter is going too fast and/or if it’s small. It’s a nice mode but you will be required to use your eyes more than your brain. Take it like an interesting break.


Word Wizard 3D Graphics and Sound


The graphics of the game are okay, nothing spectacular but nicely done. The game menus and stuff look a little like a mobile or flash game but the backgrounds are really well done, being enjoyable to watch them sometimes. The 3D effect is well done, I mean, there is no ghost effect but it’s really strong, so if you aren’t accustomed using this feature then I recommend you refrain from using it.

The game presents a variety of sounds and the songs are nice. One, of course, is the catchy main menu music. The other songs that are used when you are playing are relaxing but with time they become really repetitive. That’s not much of a problem if you have a working phone (or another device) that can play music to replace the game’s music while you’re playing.


Word Wizard 3D Start Screen - 3DSPRESENTATION:

The presentation of the game is good. It is simple and easy to find what are you searching for. Almost all of the game is translated with the exception of the names of the modes. Of course, the quantity of words is limited and the streetpass function is a nice addition.

Other languages than English is a really good feature and the translation of the game is really good so it’s nice to see their progress in those things.


Word Wizard 3DVERDICT: 70/100 (Good!)
This game may only be for certain people but for 3 dollars it offers a lot. With a decent presentation, nice graphics and good gameplay, those who like these types of games will enjoy Word Wizard 3D a lot.
In addition, it works like a good educational game.

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