WorldEnd Syndrome Review (Nintendo Switch)

Published on July 2nd, 2019 by Alex D.

WorldEnd Syndrome Review
WorldEnd Syndrome might just be the game that defines your summer.

Developer: Arc System Works, Toybox Inc.
Publisher: Arc System Works, PQube
Release Date: June 14, 2019
Genre(s): Visual Novel, Mystery, Suspense, Romance


Is something strange happening in Mihate Town? Is it true that this quaint village lies between the realms of life and death, causing the dead to rise every hundred years as Yomibito? Are the string of recent murders the work of Yomibito, or is someone hiding behind a local legend to cause chaos?

WorldEnd Syndrome Gameplay

Your protagonist doesn’t know — or seem to care at all, in fact. Carrying the weight of a devastating loss, he moves to Mihate Town burdened by a painful past and a future he has no interest in being a part of.

It isn’t until he gets roped into the Mystery Research Club at his new high school that everything begins to change. Suddenly invested in the fate of his new town, the lives of his classmates, and his own life, your character finds himself standing at the gateway to Mihate’s greatest secrets.

WorldEnd Syndrome Gameplay
I wish he would turn down the positivity a notch.


WorldEnd Syndrome lets you decide how you want your character to spend his summer. Experience each day to its fullest with your new friends, or pass time in your room doing absolutely nothing.

Choices in WorldEnd Syndrome
The first option is definitely the right choice.

Just be aware that every single one of these actions will effect the outcome of the game. Whether it’s hanging out Cafe Pastiche, beginning a relationship with one of the girls in the Mystery Research Club, or completing quests, you’ll experience a different ending based on how you choose to play.

WorldEnd Syndrome Gameplay
Oh, something tells me he’ll be just fine.

There are some endings that you can’t access the first (or second) time around, and if you want to see them, you’ll have to play through the game a couple of times. With each new data you begin, another ending is unlocked. If you follow a new path each time you play, more information becomes available — information that answers questions that you might not have even had during your first playthrough. Characters that seem simple and archetypical at first glance become dynamic and complex, and situations that seem straightforward are much deeper than they appear.

Characters Hugging in WorldEnd Syndrome
Protagonist comforting Rei.

Is it Worth Buying?

I was hooked right from the opening, and my interest only grew from there. I flew through the game a lot faster than I intended to, but I just couldn’t help myself — I had to know what happened next. I needed to complete every mission, collect every item, and see every ending.

This game has everything from mystery to romance. It manages to balance humour and solemnity, which is never an easy feat. More than that, it kept me guessing right up until the minute the credits started rolling.

If you’re looking for a great game to begin your summer with, this is it. Pleasantly surprising and full of tender moments, WorldEnd Syndrome deserves a place on your Nintendo Switch — and in your heart.

WorldEnd Syndrome Group Picture
Group shot!

Rating Breakdown:
Gameplay: 9
Story: 9

Final Rating: 9/10


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