Yoshi’s New Island E3 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Published on June 11th, 2013 by Gervais D.

Another gameplay trailer that was revealed today is the Yoshi’s New Island E3 trailer. This gameplay trailer shows, well, gameplay of the new Yoshi’s Island video game for the Nintendo 3DS that is known as “Yoshi’s New Island”.

Yoshi’s New Island E3 Gameplay Trailer :


Yoshi’s New Island is a platformer video game where Yoshi takes charge as the main character. The game offers classic Yoshi abilities while introducing new ones. For example, Yoshi can now take advantage of giant Mega Eggs to mow down obstacles (see it in action from the trailer above). Yoshi’s New Island features different worlds with a variety of art styles (including oil, watercolor and pastels).

The game is the third in its series and will be available for the Nintendo 3DS this holiday season. Most likely it will be available as a digital download via Nintendo eShop.

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