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Published on May 18th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

Youkai Watch 2 box art

Level-5 announced new details about their upcoming game, Youkai Watch 2. Although the game will not have a localization for now, there is a chance to get the second one if the anime is released here. For now, you can see some details below:

  • Fuyunyan: new super hero cat
  • Might be related to the popular character Jibanyan
  • Fuyunyan has a kicking mantle and belt to go with a battle scar on his head
  • Fuyunyan will help out the protagonists at one point
  • Karipakkun: yokai who seems to eat everything he borrows and makes it his own
  • If he latches onto you, then you’ll stop returning things that you might’ve borrowed from others
  • Norakurari: will make you start making all kinds of excuses
  • Kudan: fortunetelling yokai
  • Kudin is still training and can only predict things like the weather
  • Hanako-san: yokai of a girl who lives in the school
  • Hanako is always looking for someone to play with, and especially likes the girls’ bathroom
  • Gamanmosu: has been holding in his pee for so long, which allowed him to gain an ultimate ability of perseverance
  • Exclusive monsters in each version
  • Will be going through a time slip
  • Kemamoto Village: looks like it’ll be somewhere back in time way before the current era of Sakura New Town
  • You might be able to meet some of the ancestors of your yokai, or perhaps even see them before they became ghosts

You can also see a few images below:

Youkai Watch 2
Youkai Watch 2
Youkai Watch 2
Youkai Watch 2

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