ZaciSa’s Last Stand Review (Wii U)

Published on July 2nd, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

ZaciSa's Last Stand Review (Wii U)


ZaciSa's Last Stand Gameplay (Wii U)GAMEPLAY:

HTML5 games are getting normal in the Nintendo Wii U eShop and this is the time of ZaciSa’s Last Stand, a game that offers a 2D tower defense game that works with a lot of strategy.

Keeping it simple, you need to defend your base from enemy ships that will try to attack you. To do this, you need to use bot weapons to counterattack. You will be winning money with the enemies you destroy and with the money, you can buy more bots and also upgrade them. The game features five different bots with different functions that are needed to balance your defense which are named Sentry, Bomber, Cloud, Drone and Helper.

There are five different types of enemies, three of them are common and appear normally, one will give you a special item if destroyed and the last one works as a miniboss that will appear randomly a few times, being 2 times more stronger but it will reward you five times the money and score than a normal enemy.

In terms of special items, there are a total of four available in the game: two of them are common: they are a Money and a Score multiplier whereas the other two are rare and are known as the Atomic Bomb that will destroy all of the enemies and the Health Pack that will increase the health of each base you have.

ZLS (to keep the name of the game short) features six different maps to play and three different modes: Hard, Easy and Endless. The main difference of those modes (including the obvious difference that means an Endless mode) is the damage the enemy makes to you and how much money you will win after beating them. Each mode and difficulty has different lead boards which adds significant replay value to the game.

Last but not least, there is a cooperative mode which uses up to four Wiimotes. Sadly, I wasn’t able to try it when I made the review as the Wiimote stopped functioning accordingly.

The game uses the Game-pad fully and includes the controls that are played with the tactile screen, still paused with the button +. The interface used is complete and easy to use and finally, it features different functions that will make your strategies easier.

ZaciSa's Last Stand Gameplay (Wii U)GRAPHICS AND SOUND:

ZLS uses an interesting style for the graphics. It is as though everything was drawn on a blackboard, giving a touch that makes the game feel original and unique.

The music is very good too and it features different electronic songs that for some reason fits the game extremely well.The sounds are well done too, maybe a little generic, but nevertheless, they are of good quality.


The presentation of the game is amazing and the interface is essentially easy to use even for those individuals that aren’t used to this type of games. The game offers exceptional quantity in terms of content and also a lot of replay value, mostly if you love the genre.

On the contrary, there is a lack of manual or explanation about how to play the game or how to use the interface although, with the limited rules explained, it is easily understandable.


For $2.99, this is a must grab for those who love the strategy or the tower defense genre. Good looking, great music and the content make this game worth its price and a popular selection. It’s also a good start for the gamer who desires to discover the genre.

ZaciSa's Last Stand Review Score (Wii U)

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