Armillo Patch Already In The Works

Published on July 25th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

If you remember our review of the Nintendo Wii U eShop title, Armillo, there was some performance problems and a few bugs that made an awesome game just excellent. A little log of the patch has been confirmed, and the review will be updated once it’s released.

This is the log of stuff to fix:

  1. Frame Rate issues (more to do with audio asset loading than framerate)
  2. Terror Bug in 3-1 (aka sometimes no Worm Boss in 3-1)
  3. Bonus 2D levels scoring (some levels are impossible to get achievement Gold at the moment)
  4. Progression to 100%. Items 2-3 and some level scoring prevent completionists from getting 100% on the game.
  5. Some optimizations that should help when running off external USB drives.
  6. 6-1 missing cube fix (shouldn’t have that missing icon at all – there is no hidden cube in this level.
  7. Improve colour and sharpness
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