Flipnote Studio 3D is finally coming to the West, but it’s not all good news

Published on January 24th, 2015 by Spinnerweb


bg-heroFlipnote Studio 3D was well on its way to taking the title from Duke Nukem Forever for, ‘Longest Frustrating Wait for Fans.’ Having been announced ever since the Nintendo 3DS eShop debuted in mid-2011, it finally arrived in Japan in 2013; Western 3DS owners have (finally) gotten the good news: Flipnote Studio 3D will finally be released for them. Even if it’s exclusively for Club Nintendo members, so make your account quick if you want it.

What would make you not want it now? It might be that Flipnote Studio 3D, which was supposed to revolve around creating and sharing drawings with the rest of the world online, will not have any online support in Western regions. While the original free online service in Japan was replaced with a paid and moderated service due to inappropriate materials being posted (and, I’m guessing, high traffic), Nintendo of America and Europe make no mention of an online service – even a paid one – instead only discussing the app’s drawing features, the fact that you’ll be able to download Flipnotes you originally uploaded on the DSi’s Flipnote Hatena (which was discontinued in May 2013) and that you’d be able to share Flipnotes locally.

That’s enough to put off anyone who was dreaming of their Flipnotes being praised by art critics worldwide.

Let’s hope the feature is implemented in the future, because an offline-only system spoils most of the anticipation.


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