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50 Facts about SSB for WII U. (Watch the video for the full version)

50 Facts about SSB for WII U. -Enjoy reading! (Watch video for the full version, got tied writing!)

  1. .:*Alex*:.
    I feel like you all know this but, I´m just to write all the facts! 0.jpg

    1. You have Extra Character available the first time you play!

    2. The Wii U compared to the 3DS, has way better graphics! (3DS: 400 X 240 WII U: 1920 x 1080!)

    3. They´re 5- Player in smash! No, 6- Player in smash! No, it will support up to 8- Players (You can´t play 8 players online, and you can just play few maps)

    4. They´re added more stages, so more fun! (Biggest one, Big BattleField!)

    5. The great cave offensive! This cave can be found in Kirby Super Star! Also, be careful, if you hit lava with 100% you will get an instant KO!!

    6. Jungle Hijinxs based on Donkey Kong country returns. This adds that Players can get to the background. How? By jumping in the blast barrels!
    (Also some barrels can troll you to get dizzy!) Don´t forget that if you hit a player it will throw them really far away!

    7. Remember they will be more stages in the Wii U version! Also some of the battles will be different as well!

    8. Miiverse STAGE! There´s a miiverse post when you battle!

    9. They will be some chat! By just pressing the down button!

    10. Metal Face appears at night! You can get hurt because of him, but good that you can KO him!

    11. Ridley! But attack him, because he may join your side! If you manage to KO Ridley you will get a point! (Even if it´s in your side!) You will also find FG II-Grahan Units! Joulions and Zeros. Which can be used by fighters!

    12. There´re two based things in Smash bros. TIME & LIFES!
    They´re also bringing back Coins battles!

    13. You also can play Stamina matches!

    14. They also added Special Smash!

    15. You can adjust th
    equency of items! Also you can turn specific items off altogether.

    16. My music. Appears in the Wii U version! You can also change how they can play during battles!

    17. Menu Music! Choose what Music will you like in the menu!

    18. They will be more in the Wii U version! More music! Mostly all the songs will be in the 3DS version too!

    19. More composers!

    20. Cds! To get music you will get Cds in the challenge and more!!!