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A Guide to all Newcomers

having trouble ? look here for answers :)

  1. Rattus rattus
    Are you a newcomer ? If so then there are many people who just like you , have some very intricate questions that you would like a simple answer to these .

    I am writing this dedicated to you guys who are having such a trouble .

    So what are PLAY COINS and HOW DO I EARN THEM ?
    Typically , Play Coins are the currency used in this site , 3ds Pedia .
    So they can be redeemed to get many items like In-Game items like Pokemon Stuff , Animal Crossing Stuff and even Nintendo eShop cards . Sure this is the part where you get super excited to this place and want to start immediately .

    - So people tell you that play coins are earned by posting quality posts in the forums right ? sounds simple enough . but then when you posted something you realized you still had 0 play coins right ? Here are some of the reasons why :

    • You may have posted not enough for the system to credit you . Write with thought and reach about 3-4 lines . Try to enjoy this . Don't spam or just write to get coins
    • Making threads in the forums don't give you points . Replying to forums will .
    • Some Places won't give play coins for posting there , like the Mayor's Office tab list .
    - So now that this happens you now then realize that it is going to take you months to reach that goal . So now what ? This point you feel pretty discouraged right ? but then you must realize that nothing in this world is free and not everything can be obtained in a short amount of time .

    - This point many users just leave the place and then never return . You don't have to be like them . Are you a Nintendo Fan ? then you must realize that the place where you are now is the only place where you can enjoy what you like while having a long term goal of this place . You won't find any other place like this but some dumb site that wants you to do impassable surveys .

    Here are some ways you can actually enjoy this site :

    • Start by interacting with other users and share some of your interest in certain games and exchange friend codes
    • Have a little nice chat in the ShoutBox
    • Enter fun contest and giveaways to increase your earnings
    • Start customizing yourself and put your Profile Pic and etc.
    • Share your thoughts on new games and different forums
    • Have fun !
    - It is the motivation in people that makes people very successful in terms and certain conditions and soon you too will realize that its that way too . You don't have to be on this site 24/7 just set maybe a goal and let this be a secondary task . Let's say you set that you want 10 play coins in a day . Good then ! you won't get it now but someday you will .

    I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope it may help some of you with just getting to know the site . Thanks and Good Luck !

    Personal Notes :
    I remember when I first signed up to this place , I was confused honestly . So I just left the place ... One day , I went to just periodically check my email and noticed the 3ds pedia confirmation email . I decided to come back and when it was that moment I earned my very first 3 PC was the beginning of my posting spree ! so never lose hope ;)

Recent Comments

  1. SmashBro
    Wish I knew about this earlier...
  2. jeter7
    This is great ^_^
    but how do you make a user shop? im still a little lost at that and cant find it XD
  3. TheMightyButterCookie
    This blog was very helpful. I am a newbie and am still getting used to the main aspects of this site. Thank you for posting this for us newcomers!
  4. Largoe818
    Dude!!! This post is amazing I barely sighted up for this sit two days ago and had so many questions. I literally sent my whole fist day trying to figure out how everything works. I Was posting on my status thinking it would give me points but nothin :/ I even tryd to join the adopt me project but no luck so I really needed this.im still trying to figure some thing out but I guess I find out in dew time. This post was very much appreciated
  5. KEWYoda
    You are Amazing!!!! This is sure to help newcomers like me who had No clue what to Do? I joined for the coins but Soon realized this is more fun
  6. JayRawrTiz
    This is very useful to newcomers! I like how you thought to put this up and help not only newcomers but anyone who wants to know this place like it's on the back of their hand x)